Coming Soon - 6 Part Toolkit Series

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Liquidity Calculator

What is it?

It takes your current bank account balance, adds and subtracts amounts that will impact your cashflow in the short term. It's less complicated than a regular cashflow forecast

What questions can it answer?

 "Why is profit different from your bank balance?", answers 3 questions (click the hyperlink to download the excel workbook that's right for you)

For Stella (web design agency owner):

how much of her surplus cash can she spend?

For Sarah (startup founder)

when will the money run out?

For James (barista):

how does he stop getting caught out at BAS time?


Weekly Cashflow Forecast

What is it?

This tool is a week to week forecast, which forecasts your future cash balances. 

It's a lot of work to maintain, so it's best used when cash is tight. You use it to see where you'll go negative, and to make changes to keep your bank account in the black. 

What questions can it answer?

"Why is profit different from your bank balance?", walks through this for Stella, the owner of a web design agency. This tool helps her manage things when cashflow is tight week to week. 

Click here to download the Excel workbook for yourself.