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Why are Profit and Cash different?

What is it?

“Cash is king”. Every business owner knows this.

So why is it so difficult to manage? Especially the way most accounting systems are designed.

This course will take you through the nuts and bolts of managing your cashflow using your accounting system, and also give you some templates to use.

By the end of it, you’ll know whether the information you’ve getting from your accountant is helping you manage this key area of your business the best way you can.

What questions can it answer?

 "Why is profit different from your bank balance?",

For established businesses - “How much of your bank balance can you safely invest?”

For startups - “when will the money run out"?”

For sole traders - “how to stop getting caught out at BAS time”

Reading Financial Statements

What is it?

If you have a Company (Pty Ltd), every year your accountant produces you a set of accounts and tax return.

Which you then need to sign.

What do they mean? More importantly, what’s the potential impact to you as a small business owner?