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Do you need an experienced CFO, just not full time?

It could be you’ve outgrown the “outsouced, virtual” CFO model, or you’ve had someone full time leave, and need to keep things running.

As a CFO (& COO), you’ll get the right mix of:

Experience - I’ve done this several times in 8 years for high growth technology ventures in Australia.

Credibility - I’ve often worked with your existing or incoming investors before.

Develop your operational capability - develop your internal finance& operational capability to be resilient and to scale with your business.

Tools & templates - all of my templates are part of the package, as well as other artefacts (e.g.: legal template documents).

Specialists - I will make introductions to specialists as needed, such as tax advice in the US as an example.


CFO Mentoring for Founders

Are you an early stage business with a minimum viable product but still too early for a full time CFO?

Do you have the basics of an operations team but need to lift out of the detail?

Do you struggle with what direction to take? Especially when it comes to capital raising.

Do people ask you questions like "what's your life time value" and "cost of acquisition" that you're not quite sure how to answer? 


CFO Mentoring for Finance Professionals

Do you have a “young gun” finance professional who can grow into a CFO?

As a growing startup company, having someone on your team who can “grow” into a CFO can have substantial benefits.

They’re happy to get in and learn. They’ll get into the “weeds” rather than hire a large team, as they may have done in larger organisations.

They’re also earlier in their career, hence their salary fits better into your budget.

How do you grow them into a fully fledged CFO as your company grows? That’s where my CFO Mentor for Finance Professionals package comes in.