Are you an early stage business with a minimum viable product but still too early for a full time CFO?

Do you have a a basic operations team but need to lift out of the detail?

Do you struggle with what direction to take? Especially when it comes to capital raising?

Are your investors asking you questions around "Life Time Value" and "Cost of Acquisition"? Do you know what these even mean? 


I’ll bring all of my industry knowledge & experience to bear to help you make the right choices for your business

throughout the journey of capital raising & then how you invest it to build your dream.

  • Staying in the drivers seat - as we work together you’ll build a framework to make complex financial decisions in future.
  • Credibility - there are times having a CFO come to a meeting adds to your credibility with potential investors. There are also times I can shortcut hours of meetings with lawyers.
  • Develop your operational capability - mentoring includes your operational team so they can also grow and not get “stuck” at the various roadblocks that crop up.
  • Tools & templates - all of these are included (eg: template legal agreements, service provider agreements, my online courses here etc).

  • Specialists - I will make introductions to specialists as needed, such as tax advice in the US as an example.



This is a partnership. For this to work there’s a few things you need to be prepared for:

  • “The truth can set you free. First it may really annoy you” - There are times I will tell you things you may not want to hear. While I'll find the most diplomatic way to say it that I can, accept that I'm saying it because from what I can see, you need to hear it. 
  • Think about a vision and set of goals that are bigger than you’ve allowed yourself to have before
  • Keep up with the work required to implement the strategies & concepts we will be putting in place
  • Be open to fresh approaches and prepared to challenge and redesign parts of your business and your attitude that have been getting in the way of the results you want

We have a dedicated time we spend together every week where we go deep inside your business issues and questions.

It’s important you stick to that commitment to get the most out of this.

Capital raising is no respecter of calendars - I am contactable by phone and email during business hours to jump in when things get “pointy”.