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The Truth About Money

And What it Means For You



Does this sound familar? You're in good company. 

Entrepreneurs either use their own money to bring their vision to life - or they use other people's money. If you've used your own money, you can "wing it" (most do). A good accountant here can be your best friend.

What if you need "Other People's Money" to bring your vision to life? How do you stay in the drivers seat of your vision? You need to engage with your numbers - this one's up there with death & taxes. The good news is this can be taught. A PhD in maths is not required!

What is "Other People's Money"?. It's either selling part of your company in return for cash, known as equity investment, or borrowing money you need to pay back one day, known as debt.

Your finances are the language of your business to everyone else. Financial literacy is a life skill that hasn't traditionally been taught in school - and it is a different language. The maths is straightforward (2+2 really does = 4). Knowing what maths to do, and how to use it to guide your business decisions, is the skill. 


If you want to stay in the drivers seat of your vision or idea, this is one you need to learn. My programs are designed to teach you what you need to know to make good decisions, at the time you need it. 

There are many "outsourced" CFO's out there, so what's different about working with me? Having done this for 7+ years, outsourcing the process is one thing (and a good idea). Where I've seen it go wrong is where founders outsource the decision making, and effectively move to the passenger seat on their journey. 





There's more than one way to do this - what's the right option for you to learn how to work with Other People's Money.


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Why is using "Other People's Money" different? Read on to find out.

"Resilience is the ability to cope with life's ups and downs, and bounce back from adversity." Nothing builds resilience like starting a new business venture!

The reality of capital raising means "walking through the lion's den". You can't go around it, you need to walk through it.

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