How much cash to do I really have?

Your bank balance is not a reflection of your profit, and hence the money you get to keep. If you’re in business, a good understanding of how much cash you really have is a good place to start to make you more aware of how this funky "accounting" business works and how to get the most out of all the work you do to keep you records up to date.

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So what insurances do I really need?

One part of my role as CFO is to ensure my clients have enough insurance to protect against those factors over which we have no control, without overspending. Every dollar we spend on insurance is one we can't spend on product development or developing the right sales & marketing channels to grow the business. 

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What does Apple do with it's $205B in the bank?

How much, you say? Apple’s financial statements for the year ending 26 September 2015 show $US205 Billion in cash and short / long term marketable securities (fancy finance speak for money in the bank and held in money market investments).

Apple, like many multinationals, are once again in the news in Australia due to tax. It was a key point of the 2016 Budget. 

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Can Accounting Pivot?

The financial metrics for growing tech companies are very different from many other industries and the fact remains no financial accounting system today measures these metrics.  It is a universal truth that what gets measured gets the focus and attention. The question is, can these measurement systems “pivot”?

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Do I need an IM?

What is an IM? IM stands for “Information Memorandum” and is often used as a marketing document to provide an outline of a company to a prospective investor.

There are several terms used in capital raising on communications with investors which give helpful context on where an IM fits in:

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